Closing LU is a terrible idea! You claim its because LU doesn't have enough subscribers, but that's not true! I did the math, and you had 115 employees right? And you had around 100,000 subscribers, also right? And subscription options are between $7.50 and $10 a month, right again? Well, that means that you made between 750,000 and 1,000,000 a month off of LU!! And with only 115 employees, an average of 875,000 is WAAAAAY more then enough to pay them all! So why is LU closing, its simple. It has been talked about that LEGO wants LU to close because they want to get away from the Digital world. Thats STUPID! The Digital world is the Future! People are saying that LU is closing because LEGO want to get back to the basics, they think that an MMO defeats the creative purpose of LEGO toys. That is by far, THE MOST ridiculous thing I have EVER heard! Take a look at the Properties! Amazing creation after another, "Explore and WIN!", "Avant Conservatory", "Siege at Batlord Towers", "Search for Voyager" THE LIST GOESS ON!! LU can't get any more Creative! And look at the Story Forums, Story after Story imagined up by LU fans. LU doesn't defeat the creative purpose of LEGO. It Incourages t more than anything else that LEGO has done in a LONG time! If anything defeats the Creative purpose of LEGO, LEGO Sets do! Building Pre-set models with Pre-set storys, could that get ANY LESS creative?!?!? So if LEGO is planning to shut down LU to make LEGO more creative, then they must also be shutting down the LEGO Set designing and Manufacturing section of LEGO right? RONG!!!! If they did that, the LEGO Company would collapse! LU is the most fun, imaginative, creative thing that has happened to the LEGO Community for a LONG time, and now you're just throwing it in the trash! This is the WORST move LEGO has ever made, and the worst move LEGO CAN MAKE!

From Micheallikruhara0110