Ideas and concept art for LU 2.0.Edit

Now this page has four main points.Edit

  1. Harboring ideas so if LU 2.0. is made we have lots of things to use.
  2. Showing everyone that there is hope.
  3. Letting the players think up ways to improve our gaming.
  4. Helping the future game-makers never run out of ideas for areas and foes.

This is a link to my ideas I came up with over the weekend, I put up my first wave of art. :) and more is to come! I am now working on a few maps for my Progress city idea. and bots parts and ideas for a brick/armor shop are coming up next!

My concept art.Edit

remember, I can make art and models to go with YOUR ideas!

  • Monster Box: it looks like a chest. but if you wack it well...
  • He stops his snoozing, and opens his eyes and blinks a few times. (you might want to run now!)
  • (not filled with bricks, but with CHAINS!) he whips his chains at you and saps your attack power! after a bit...
  • HE GRABS YOU! he pulls a person in! (you can attack a few times and be free)
  • Later in the game, they get hardy, and some-times the chains have fangs! one can keep you from helping the person by attacking!
  • Progress City Ship: they can carry crates filled with HF parts to factorys.
  • backside and inside.
  • Storm-Dino: A dark ronin on a dino. (it stabs a storm blade in it and turns it evil, can throw throwing-stars.)
  • Stormasar (Mega T-rex): with sharp teeth and a orb-shooting stormling on it's back, it's ONE hardy foe!
  • Dino egg: Might have a good dino in it, might have a stormasar in it.

LU art

(sorry for size and quality.) this covers some of the ideas in my talk page.

LU art2

this also covers some ideas...

LU art3

and this covers it too.

  • (I upgraded my LDD.) proto Evil Bot.
  • Proto Bone-Tank. (with storm lasers, saw blades, and giant saws.)
  • PC armor and a alien bot.
  • Knights planet.
  • (to go along with your ideas) Storm-orb flinging rock-monsters.


ok, my digital designer is like the first one, and I can't download a newer one. but this is a prototype storm-bot (or mini-bot)

Now it's your turn.Edit

you can put your ideas below this line, put your signature under your ideas and art.Edit

remember! we need all the help we can get!

  • Mega Knight: A part of a castle made into a boss, can stomp, slash, hop, and only has ONE weak point...
  • his back has a ton of purple smoke and steam coming out of it, the hole it comes out of is the weakness.
  • Baddies: from left to right: sama-whateverhisnameis, Space Stormling, Skeleton Crusher, Space Crook.
  • Castle Baddies: From left to right: Golem, Skeleton (made to look like a ghost dwarf), A Ronin in knights armor.
  • Wizards Staff: get for clearing the Castle Quests.
  • Dark Wizard: he used his staff to turn the kings blade evil, but it made him into a Ronin Boss.
  • Mega Tower Tank: each Nexus planet has one, this is the Castle planet's. it's a tower on big wheels with blades in the back and a Crossbow on top.
  • the Crossbow
  • Storm Blades

{C .

Altilatica-- AceLaserMirageEdit

Altilatica! AceLaserMirage 03:42, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

  • My idea, Altilatica
  • Altilatica Map (Just a general idea)
  • What a plane could be modeled after
  • A winged stromling with claws
  • A winged stromling with guns
Going more in-depth on the wings-- {C

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Black, White, Orange, Pink, Nexus Force, Sentinel, Venture League, Assembly, and Paradox wings will be sold by a vendor (Chirpee Birdd), Bronze Wings and Silver Wings will be Rare drops and Gold Wings will be an ultra rare drop.

Ok I've decided to make wings for normal battling and the planes (that you can customize) will be for a minigame where you essentially fly over to avant gardens and detroy as much mealstrom as possible, trying to get the highest score you can within the time limit. You won't actually go to AG, but you will be flying over a landscape with similar textures and enemies. Kind of like a variation of a shooting gallery where you can fly your plane around as well as shoot maelstrom. (Working on a name for the minigame).

Wing Type
How to Get Special Features Level Requirement
Blue 3 0 1 Vendor- 2000 coins or semi-rare drop none 10
Green 3 0 1 Vendor- 2000 coins or semi-rare drop none 10
Red 3 0 1 Vendor- 2000 coins or semi-rare drop none 10
Yellow 3 0 1 Vendor- 2000 coins or semi-rare drop none 10
Purple 3 0 1 Vendor- 2000 coins or semi-rare drop none 10
Orange 3 0 1 Vendor- 2000 coins or semi-rare drop none 10
Pink 3 0 1 Vendor- 2000 coins or semi-rare drop none 10
White 2 0 0 From a mission or common drop 1st wings you obtain 10
Black 1 0 3 Vendor- 5000 coins or semi-rare drop none 10
Assembly 3 0 3 Vendor- 20000 coins and be in Assembly Spawns a floating turret that does 15 damage over time 30
Sentinel 3 0 3 Vendor- 20000 coins and be in Sentinel Fly forward in a blur and do 10 damage to enemies 30
Venture League 3 0 3 Vendor- 20000 coins and be in Venture Restore 1 of each stat and do more damage for 10 seconds 30
Paradox 3 0 3 Vendor- 20000 coins and be in Paradox Spawns a Helper Darkling that attacks enemies 30
Nexus Force 4 1 3 Vendor- 30000 coins none 40
Bronze 4 0 2 Rare Drop sparkles when worn 15
Silver 5 0 3 Rare Drop sparkles when worn 20
Gold 6 1 4 Ultra Rare Drop sparkles when worn 25

{C Planes and more detailed map hopefully coming soon!

{C .

Betuor's Concept ArtEdit

This includes my worlds of Power Mines, Atlantis (working title), Mars (working title), Hydronia, and Lego City (general). Pics coming soon.

We'll never let the Mealstrom win! Long live Lego Universe! User:Betuor 17:59, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Inspiring artwork!

FotoFlexer Photo

We'll never let the Mealstrom win! Long live Lego Universe! User:Betuor 18:32, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Well, I have most of the concept art done, at least for Power Mines, and will be posting it soon.

We'll never let the Mealstrom win! Long live Lego Universe! User:Betuor 18:05, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Power Mines's MapEdit

Paul 001Paul2 001

We'll never let the Mealstrom win! Long live Lego Universe! User:Betuor 01:01, December 2, 2011 (UTC)

Orcaman4's Enemy IdeasEdit

Maelstrom-infected Rock Monsters

Rock Monsters


The Maelstrom Miner And Purple Imagnite

AtomicScientist's Planet Com-Pu-TaEdit

Planet Com-Pu-Ta is a robotic world,like Robot City,but bigger. Planet Com-pu-ta has 5 sections:Assembly Camp,Bridge,The Volcano,The Virtual Battlefield, And The Imaginite Mine. There are Two different Enemies:One:The Purple Imaginite,a small piece of imaginite come to life! The Maelstrom Mech, much like a regular mech,but with a Saw instead of a gun and it having Two Eyes.

Maelstrom Miner:A infected miner mech.


Attacks:Saw Swipe:Swipes at the player,doing 3 damage.

Purple Imaginite:A piece of imaginite with a infected pickaxe


Attack:Fury of the pickaxe:Spins in a circle at the player,doing 4 damage and knocks the player back. Takes 2 seconds to recharge.

Pets:Orange Imaginite. To tame this piece of imaginite, you must make a Miner Driller.

  • Some of the Assembly Camp's Vendors!
  • A close up on my favorite!
  • My Maelstrom Mech And Purple Imaginite.
  • A idea for the main launchpad!
  • Orange Imaginite and the Miner Drill.

ToaNuvaNicholas 1.0 Enemies:Edit

Why not add some enemies from the old game? I haven't actually fought all of these, being a non-member. PLEASE make LU 2.0 all free!! Anyways, here they are. I just figured it would make it more like the old game. I will also be adding other things, including Cancelled stuff from the game.


ToaNuvaNicholas Cancelled Game Stuff:Edit

These are cancelled things from the game that I have managed to find.


ToaNuvaNicholas New Worlds and Enemies: #1 - Ninjago 2.0Edit

How about a Ninjago world that takes place after the fall of Garmadon and when the Serpentine are released? Here Goes:


 Hypnobrai Scout, Soldier, and Warrior
 Venomari Scout, Soldier, and Warrior
 Fangpyre Scout, Soldier, and Warrior
 Constrictai Scout, Soldier, and Warrior

Mini - Bosses:

 Pythor P. Chumsworth
 Lloyd Garmadon


 Kai, Fire Gear Vandor
 Jay, Lightning Gear Vendor
 Zane, Ice Gear Vandor
 Cole, Rock Gear Vendor
 Sensei Wu, Imagination Gear Vendor
 Shouty McBullhorn, Ninjago Model Vendor
 Bricky Ninja, Brick Vendor
 Vanda Darkflame, Paradox Vandor
 Hu Where, Assembly Vendor
 Rocco Sirocco, Sentinels Vendor
 Daar Deeveel, Venture Vendor


 Ninjago Survival
 Ninjago All Serpentine Bosses Battles one after the other
 Lloyd Garmadon Battle